Add these awesome overnights to your bucket list..

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1. The Storybrook Castle

The Storybrook Castle


$175 per night

Built in 1917 by a wealthy Ellington family inspired by a trip to Europe, then purchased and renovated by an artist in 2000, this 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom castle will surely fulfill your childhood dreams of royalty. For $175 per night you can star in your own game of thrones without risking certain death.  

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2. The Tiny House

The Tiny House


$200 per night

The tiny house craze is sweeping the nation for sure. Who doesn't want to save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with some smart frugal living? If you've ever wondered if you could really enjoy the tiny house lifestyle, what better way than to stay in one and see how it fits you wink wink ;) 

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3. The Glass House on the River

The Glass House on the River


$99 per night

If tiny space is your thing, but modesty is not (kidding), here's one heck of a unique night. This tiny glass "house" in Greenwich overlooks the river with access to kayaking and paddle-boarding just feet away. 

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4. A Pirate's Life for.....You

A Pirate's Life for.....You


$85 per night

It's fair to say that a good number of us have fantasized about traveling the world on a boat and living onboard. A good start would be spending a couple of romantic nights on this beautiful sailboat. 

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5. The Geodesic Spa Dome

The Geodesic Spa Dome


$750 per night (sleeps 7)

For those of you that want a little extra leg room indoors, how about a huge heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a deep cold plunge tub, indoor jacuzzi, outdoor hot tub, solarium and massage therapy room, with available on call professional spa services?

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6. The houseboat

The houseboat


$99 per night

MacGuyver would be proud. Sitting on the edge of the Pootatuck River The Houseboat has a comfy queen bed and a screened porch complete with two antique rocking chairs and overlooking a serene pond. 

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7. On the road again

On the road again


$125 per night

Travelling the country and the world on wheels and setting up shop at beautiful locations is all the rage these days. There is likely no more beautiful setting to see if you feel at home in a travel trailer than this awesomely restored Airstream

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8. What were you raised in a barn?

What were you raised in a barn?


$65 per night

This converted barn loft on a working 40 acre farm is one unique getaway. If you want to experience farm life or find creative inspiration, this gorgeous property might just be for you. Can't beat the price either. 

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