Who says no one writes anything on paper anymore?

Volunteers in litter pickups find a lot of bottles and paper.

Matthew Morton’s find of message in a bottle Thursday triggered some speculation on whether the expression of true love on the note had been inspired, at least partly, by the contents of the Moscato bottle.

Benny Richardson wrote that he had written the full-page note and thrown it in the water in Stamford, Connecticut , on Sept. 27.

“On this day I declare my love for my sweetheart, Ayeshia,” Richardson wrote.

At some point, the ink ran dry or faded in the ocean because several lines are only impressions of the pin point before picking up again.

Richardson included a phone number and an address and encouraged the finder of the bottle to “try and find us to see if our love lasted.”

Morton and his coworker Pamela Reese cleaned up the marsh near SouthEast Adventure Outfitters in Brunswick as volunteers for Keep Golden Isles Beautiful’s Marsh Madness initiative.

“It would be so cool if he really threw it in in Connecticut,” Reese said.

Reese called the number on the note and left a message.

If so, it made the trip south to St. Simons Sound and then west into the marsh in pretty good time, she figured.

Morton said he found it in the mud under some marsh grass perhaps 100 feet from SouthEast Adventures Brunswick office.

The bottle was almost bagged with the rest of the trash until someone spotted the paper inside. Morton said he had to break the bottle because the cork was rotten.

Asked about the nature of Moscato, Reese said, “It’s really sweet.”

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